Wednesday, June 18, 2008



I woke up around 11:30 (already an amazing day), and headed over to Terra's house. We cooked some pizza and enjoyed that, then made the decision that we were going to head to a movie. The WINNAH was The Incredible Hulk.

So off we went to the Meadowlands. As we walked up to the theatre, I busted out the "thing bulging from your stomach when you pull on your sleeve" trick from like Grade 3, which got a laugh from Terra and a little redness in the cheeks. Was she embarassed to be with me? Or was it too cold? I'll never know.

Maybe she was embarassed to be with me in the cold.

We purchased tickets for the show at 4 o'clock, even though it said "HV" after it on the title.

Terra: Sorry, what does HV mean?
Ticket Lady: Nothing

Alriiiiiight then. Thanks for the info.

We chilled at Chapter's for a bit, Terra bought an OUTRAGEOUSLY OVERPRICED BOOK, and then we headed to the theatre.

Good time had by all at the show. Really enjoyed Edward Norton as Hulk. He's an amazing actor. Go watch American History X! Legit. We also snuck in Fuzzy Peaches and Swedish Berries, which were pure deliciousness and epic win all around.

So we headed to Starbucks afterwards and had frappacinos that featured chocolateness. More deliciousness. Off to Stoney Creek following said frappacinos.

And now I work tomorrow 8-4. Ewwwwwww. Epic fail.


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Bob Steele said...

I believe HV has to do with the video resolution. It's High Definition Video, or something. Maybe they couldn't afford the "D."