Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rand's First Post: McNasty Injured

By: Antoine Randel-El (AKA Randy McNally AKA 3Pointtally)

So I leave work today and get in my car and start driving when I see something flapping under the windshield wipers. So I reach out and grab it and it's a note from somebody telling me that they hit my car and broke my rearside tail light. I hadn't noticed since I just got in the drivers side while leaving work.

So I get home and check it out and sure enough the lamp cover is completly smashed.So I call the number and speak to the woman who only left me her phone number, p.o. box, and name ... and I asked her what she wanted me to do. So she told me "Get it fixed and then mail me the bill and I'll get the money back to you" ... I don't like this at all. So I told her that was a no go. I told her "I will get an estimate for the damage from the dealership, and then I will phone you and we can meet somewhere and I will show you the estimate and then you can give me the money BEFORE I get it fixed." She didn't seem to like this idea, but there is no way I'm getting fucked over so I told her that's about the only thing I was willing to do. She said fine.

Then I talked to my buddy from work who said he saw the whole thing happen in the parking lot but didn't realize she hit my car ... and apparently the bitch backed out into my car, got out and saw the damage and got into her truck and tried to just drive away. Customers noticed and were trying to stop her as she tried to go the far end of the parking lot ... however we have a garden center set up for the summer so she got stuck and had to do a U-Turn and drive back past my car at which point people blocked her in and forced her to leave the information for me. Fucking baffoon.

Editor's Note: Baffoon may have been substituted for another word.

Editor's Note 2: Be on the look out for a brand new article, "Lookalikes", in which people in my everyday life are contrasted with famous people in picture form, soon!

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Jayvaz said...

The nerve!

I'd RKO her on the hood of the car...