Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Needle And Nickle Groove...

Sorry, I'm still suffering from a bit of a Chicago Cubs hangover. What an awesome weekend.

I had a hell of a time on Saturday, and it was a little surreal at times, so I tried to take it all in. Jays games were of course nothing new, but seeing my team live and in colour was just stellar. I also got to see Reed "For Speed" Johnson hit a 3-Run homerun that blew the roof off the place! Take that, JP. Nice move, cutting him from your roster and such. Brilliance.

Of course, the party was short-lived when I had to go into work the next day. It was a bit of a disaster, as Saturday had been an all-out sale because of this quarterly sales period ending. I swear, it looked like there was an immanent tornado/hurricane/earthquake/Cubs World Series party and everyone had come for supplies and such. I just hope everyone stayed behind the flaming garbage cans and were let in 80 people at a time. By the time they got in the store at night, there was probably only Creamed Eels and Wadded Beef left. But as long as they got the last pineapple! Plenty ripe, too.

I'm working on getting Randy to do his first post. He's pretty lazy, quite like myself. On top of that, I have a Bob Steele Shoot Interview planned, that will lay it all out on the line. Haven't you wanted to know more about Bob since, well... forever? Now will be your chance.

Also, anyone who wants to put up guest articles, send em' my way. I'm willing to put just about anything, as long as it creates sentences. At least partial sentences. And not wingdings.

LOL @ the word "wingdings".

I have another shift to look foward to tonight... 4-10pm. Sigh. But on the plus side, I've officially notified my manager that I'm done at the end of the summer. Yes, for good. None of this "fake leaving" stuff I've done for three years.

It's all apart of the huge change in my life coming up this fall.

And no, I am not Batman.

... yet.

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Anonymous said...

Got that A's-Cubs dream series, if you'd like it...