Friday, June 13, 2008

So come on Davey, sing me something that I know...

Wow, I totally forgot how difficult it is to be clever or creative with these things.

Hello, by the way. My name is Dave, and I'll be your host this millenium. OK, so I probably won't live that long. On top of that, I probably won't keep up with a blog for a few months, never mind a thousand years. I'm lazy, you see, and thus the prospect of continually updating a blog, which requires opening a new browser, going to the blogpost, PUTTING in my password and-- I've lost interest.

Randy's going to be co-hosting this epic party, so be nice to him, won't you friends? He's a good dude. We co-ran this blog way back in high school (that's a long-ass time ago now, isn't it?) and we had a lot of fun. Let's re-create the magic. I know the split was rough, Randell, but I think we can work out our differences. We need to do it for the kids. THE KIDS!

So, anyways... life?

Tomorrow, I am heading to the Blue Jays game. A usual summer occurance, I know. But this game is pretty remarkable and special. Why? It's against my beloved TV's Chicago Cubs! Yes, they're from TV, because that's the only time I ever see them. Quite like TV's Bob Saget, or TV's Jaleel White. Hey, why did Family Matters never crossover with Full House? That's just built-in hilarity. Can you imagine it?

Uncle Jesse: Don't touch the hair, Eurkel! THE HEEEIIIAAAAR-HUH!
Eurkel: ... did I do that?
Danny: Yes, you did. And we need to talk about boundries, Steven. *Piano music* There's good touches, and bad touches...

What the hell was I talking about again? Oh yeah. Cubs against the Jays. This is epic, friends. EPIC! I get to see Derrek "The Two R's Are Not a Typo" Lee, Aramis "Gonna Hit Four Home Runs" Ramirez, Kosuke "God" Fukudome (Is that nickname sacreligious?) among others. I've wanted to see these guys since I was like 12 years old. I am prepared to be all giddy and mark out like a school girl.

Er, boy.

It's going to be fun running one of these things again. I can start archiving my life. And my life is definitely going to change in a few months... we'll get to that later. Let's keep this one light. Have a cookie, I'll pour some tea.

It's going to be a fun show.

Might as well have a positive outlook, you know?

I've... well, I've always believed in futures, you see...

Peace and love. Regular love to most of you, SEXY LOVE to Terra. Rawr.


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Hope you have a good day at the ball game mate, I'll route for your boys and become a Cubbie for the day.

Welcome to my comment...enjoy :th: